Stage 1 | Patterns & Samples

Clients are responsible for providing industry standard patterns on hard paper with proper markings and order of operations and/or tech pack if possible for sample making. If you require patterns for manufacturing, we offer this service at a one-time fee per pattern.

In the first stage of production for all new clients, we will provide a sample for approval of the item to be manufactured. This process allows us to give a fair quote of pricing and allows the client to make any necessary changes.


Stage 2 | Cost & Pricing

After pattern and sample making, we will provide clients with a quote. The quoted cost includes the manufacturing of the item and basic thread colours. Clients are responsible for providing the following:

1. Pattern and/or tech pack (or we can make them for a fee)

2. Notions such as: interfacing, elastic, zippers, bindings, snaps, etc

3. Additional thread aside from the basic colours provided

4. Size and brand tags


Stage 3 | Begin Production

Clients are responsible for fit testing their products and letting us know of any changes they would like to make.

If samples are approved, clients will send Freon Collective their purchase order, and book production time (see FAQ).

Clients are responsible for ensuring ALL fabric, notions, and patterns are delivered onsite at least five business days prior to production start date.