Do you work with any minimums?

We do not work with any minimums. When you manufacture with us, you may place an order for 1 unit or 300 units! Many of our clients are small, local businesses and we understand that overseas and some production in Canada require you to place a fairly large order. We like to think of ourselves as the initial stepping stone before you work with larger manufacturers so we do not require you to order a large volume.

How do I book production time?

Our production schedule operates on a Monday to Friday weekly basis. Depending on the size of your order, we will recommend the amount of weeks to book and work with you to plan a schedule. Most orders will have a minimum one week turnaround time. We recommend sending us an email ahead of time to inquire about available weeks prior to when you need product.

Do you have any internship opportunities in place?

If you are a student enrolled in a post-secondary program requiring internship hours, contact us to see if any internship opportunities are in place.